That’s Awesome! Canned Goods


I found a passion for canning and healthy homemade food when I started gardening and working on farms, over 20 years ago. That’s Awesome! canned goods have always focused on local, organic and wholesome foods. All the fruit and vegetable are either grown in the garden, picked in the wild or grown by local producers.  For five years, That’s Awesome! Products has grown to include a full line of locally grown canned goods for you to enjoy.

All the recipes are inspired by the produce and food that is available.  My recipes continue to evolve until I feel I have found the most Awesome Product I can make. I follow all the safe canning practices as outlined by VIHA and the FDA canning guidelines. As I always enjoy sharing my skills with others I offer tutorial classes and advice by request. Just email me or follow my blogs for advice and tips.

List of Products and Sizes: Pickles

Pickled Garlic Scapes (250mL)

Sweet Whaletown Beets (500mL)

Sweet Carrot +Beet Pickles (500mL)

Carrot + Kohlrabi Pickles (500mL)

Noah’s Dill Pickles (500mL & 1L)

Bread and Butter Pickles (500mL & 1L)

Garlic and Dill Pickles (500mL & 1L)

Spicy Carrot Pickles (500mL & 1L)

*NEW* Fire Carrot Pickles (500mL)

Sweet Pickled Beets (500mL & 1L)

SOLD OUT-Sweet Pickles ( 500mL)

Spicy Pickled Beans (500mL)

*NEW* Summertime Madness Pickles (500mL & 1L)

Sweet Zukini Pickles (500mL)

Hot Garlic Pickles (1L)

List of Products: (not available yet) Dried Herbs

Basil (5g)

Cilantro (5g)

Dill (5g)

Marjoram (5g)

Mint (5g)

Oregano (5g)

Parsley (5g)

Rosemary (5g)

Sage (5g)

Summer Savoury (5g)

Tarragon (5g)

Thyme (5g)

List of Products and Sizes: Jams & Jellies

Cortes Wildberry Jelly (125mL)

Blue Raspberry Jam (250mL)

Fresh Fig Jam (125mL & 250mL)

Organic Cherry Jam (250mL)

Cranapple Grape Jelly (250mL)

Plum+Cardamon Jelly (125mL & 250mL)

Plum Jam (125mL & 250mL)

Raskleberry Jam (125mL)

Cirtus Marmalade (125mL & 250mL)

Raskleberry Jam (125mL & 250mL)

*NEW* Mint Jelly (125mL & 250mL)

Crabapple Jelly (125mL & 250mL)

Cortes Hot Pepper Jelly (125mL & 250mL)

Blubarb Jam (250mL)

PlumGinger Jam (250mL)

*NEW* Blueberry Maple Jam (125mL & 250mL)

*NEW* Spiced Pie Jam (125mL & 250mL)

*NEW* Caramelized Onion & Balsamic Vinegar Jam (250mL)

*NEW* Peach Lime Habanero Jam (250mL)

Nasturtium Jelly (125mL)

Violet Jelly (125mL)


List of Products and Sizes: Others

Apple Butter (125mL & 250mL)

SOLD OUT-Pineapple Hot Sauce (125mL & 250mL)

Apple Chutney (250mL)

Rhubarb Chutney (250mL)

Golden Plum Chutney (250mL)

Tomato+Crabapple Chutney (250mL)

Spicy Cherry BBQ Sauce (250mL)

SOLD OUT-Blackberry Hot Sauce (125mL)

Sweet & Spicy Rhubarb Hot Sauce (125mL)