That’s Awesome! Canned Goods


I found a passion for canning and healthy homemade food when I started gardening and working on farms, over 25 years ago. That’s Awesome canned goods focus on local, organic and wholesome foods. All the fruit and vegetables are either grown in the garden, picked in the wild or grown by local producers.  For years, That’s Awesome Canning has grown to include a full line of locally grown canned goods for you to enjoy.

All the recipes are inspired by the produce and food that is available. My recipes are lovingly modified and improved until I feel I have found the most Awesome Product I can make. Every year, I come up with new and unique products while also trying to keep classic Awesome Canned Goods in stock year-round.

I follow all the safe canning practices as outlined in VIHA, Health Canada and FDA home canning guidelines. As I always enjoy sharing my skills with others, I offer tutorial classes and advice by request. Just get in contact with me or follow my blogs for advice and tips.

You can order my canned products through the contact page on this website or at local Farmer’s Markets in the summer. For a complete list of available canned products, email: