That’s Awesome! Gardening



The roadside stand, in close collaboration with the Whaletown Garden Centre, offers vegetables starts, herbs and flowers from early spring until late fall. We have a wide variety of plants for your home garden and landscaping projects. We also offer many deer resistant plants, perennial herbs and flowers as well as a variety of other ornamental and edible plants.

We only use the highest quality mediums to start and grow our plants. Only gentle, organic fertilizers are used to keep plants strong and healthy. We hope you will come by to see our ever-evolving selection. The roadside stand is situated in front of the Whaletown Garden Centre, 315 Harbour Rd, close to the Cortes Island Ferry. If there is anything you do not see but would love to grow, let us know. We will be happy to help.

We recently added animals to our homestead. We now have around 20-30 rabbits at any one time. We feed them greens, pellets and fresh (or dried) fruit and vegetables. In return, they provide us with copious amounts of ready-to-use compost for our gardens as well as meat, pelts, and dog food. We treat them well and offer them as much free outdoor time as we can in the summer.

We also have chickens and ducks for a steady supply of eggs all year round. The chickens also help with clearing old garden beds and ridding newly dug up areas of bugs and weeds. It is amazing how quickly a chicken can clean up a garden bed and get it ready for the next crop.

We sometimes have eggs for sale at the roadside stand and at the farmers’ markets in the summer, along with fresh vegetables.