That’s Awesome! Ornamental Welding Services

That’s Awesome Welding takes pride in a job well done and a smiling and satisfied customer. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Creating and designing have been passions of mine since I first stepped into a welding shop, more than 30 years ago. I can fix, modify or fabricate anything from gates to arbours, shelters or garden furniture. I have also been commissioned in the past to design various items such as custom lamps, pedestal coat racks, plant pot holders, fire pits, benches, sculptures, and much more.

I have recently been able to make designs digitally and print them out on metal sheeting to create unique works of art for my clients. With this new technology, I have been able to further extend the limits of my creative capabilities and look forward to being able to take on new and diverse projects.

 If you can dream it, I can make it. Especially if it is metal.

 No job is ever too small. Contact me today with your creative ideas!