blog de gelée au vin

This week, I am making port wine jellies. I use port wines made by Doug at Good Libations (

The Apple Tatin port wine is infused with fresh local apple and I drop a slice of dried apple in the jar once it is turned into jelly. Getting the slice to set in the middle is quite a feat but the effect is well worth the trouble.

The White Chocolate Port wine is  infused with Vanilla Bean from The Gathering Place ( I don’t need to use very much of this vanilla bean. It is so fresh and fragrant.

I started making these jellies when my partner got tired of drinking this port wine. He said it was too sweet. He challenged me to turn them into jelly. It was a great idea!

Batches don’t last very long…


If you’d like to sample some, I’ll have some for sale soon on my Etsy store ( or you can always contact me directly

It’s going to smell so good in the kitchen….




The trick to making wine jelly is to let the alcohol evaporate. The same goes for any jelly made with other alcohol based liquids. The alcohol does not react with pectin the way sugars do so the jelly may not set properly if the alcohol hasn’t had a chance to escape. This way, you get all the flavour from the port wine without the alcohol content.