The seed order has finally come in!

Opening the box from West Coast Seeds is always so exciting. It’s like Christmas in spring. I fondle every packet and organize the seeds in the order they will be planted….


And then it dawns on me: this “present” from the seed company is actually going turn into WORK!!!

Planning, filling the appropriate pots, planting seeds, turning the lights on, watering, rotating trays, transplanting, watering, fertilizing, watering, hardening off, bringing back in, watering. But it brings me so much joy to see people come by the roadside stand and walk away with the plants that they were looking for or plants they want to try to grow…


The roadside stand will be expanded this year. There will be more annual and perennial landscaping plants as well as a greater variety of vegetable starts. And of course, TOMATOES.


Looking forward to another great growing season!