When I finished packing my car to travel home this weekend, I took a picture. I feel that this photo summarizes best what I do and how it all fits together.
Since I work full time in town all week, I travel to and from Cortes Island on a weekly basis where my shop, garden, animals, plants and partner are.

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I try to make all my trips as productive as possible.
This week, I picked up the plants for our Mother’s Day hanging baskets. We plan to eventually¬† propagate all our annuals for hanging baskets when we finally build a greenhouse.20160326_14404520160326_144102
On the other side of the trunk of my car are some rebar parts and old wheel drums from the mechanic’s shop across the road.

These mangled steel pieces will be welded together to create some stands for Laura Balducci’s art installation: “The Wall” .
I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to work with Laura. She is such a creative powerhouse!
I hope to continue working with both plants and metal for a long time. These polar opposite materials bring balance to my life.
Lifeless and hard, metal reminds me of my strength and force. As for the plants and animals in my life, they remind me of my vulnerability and fragility.

To be truly happy, I need to grow and build.